Self-Acceptance Comes From Our Mind

Self-Acceptance Comes From Our Mind

I have written about loving yourself, self acceptance and how yoga helped me in that. Someone has said that it’s easy to love your body if you are a model etc.. But the thing is that I believe that self acceptance comes from our mind. Let me explain…

I was so embarrassed with my body. I thought that my body would be much better if I had beauty surgery. I wished that I would be able to change parts of myself. Thankfully I found the right path and

the only change needed was in my mind.

I know many beautiful people who criticize themselves. At the same time I know people who know that they may not fulfill the “ideals of beauty” that our society has wrongly created but still carry themselves proudly. Those people look absolutely stunning and really understand the meaning of self-acceptance and beauty. Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. If you learn to love yourself, you understand that you don’t need to be perfect to be good visit this web-site.

I just want to say that many of us want to be skinnier or bigger, taller or shorter, younger or older, lighter or darker, curvy or less curvy.. But that’s very heavy, pointless and tiresome. And life is too short for that. We should be proud that we are unique and because of that we are special.

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