Dream Maps

Dream Maps

Any day is a good time to think about what you want to get from you near future and also where you want to be in five years time. We also have to start to take decisions today that will help us in our long-term goals.

I have done many dream boards during my life. Doing them is fun but it’s also very useful. In the beginning it helps you to figure out your wishes and dreams, things that you want more into your life. Later on the vision you get from the dream board will unfold your mind and affect your subconsciousness lasix dosage. It  will help you get motivated and make choices which will bring you closer to your dreams.


1. Take several old magazines and look for pictures that inspire you. Cut your favorite pics and choose the best ones.
2. Recompose and glue pictures on a cardboard. I bought a memory board and glued the pictures on the other side of it. If you want you can add to the board by drawing and writing.
3. Place the dream board in a noticeable position and start to look at it as a plan.

It’s never too late to start dreaming again. Dreaming is fun but also important for happiness. I need dreams to chase to motivate myself.

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