Enthusiasm Is One Of The Most Powerful Engines For Success

Enthusiasm Is One Of The Most Powerful Engines For Success

Enthusiasm is the best feeling that I know. It’s like falling in love… I’m not hungry anymore, I need less sleep and loose the sense of time. I’m more present in the moment, my focus is brilliant and the flow just continues. I feel happy. Henry Ford has said “You can do anything if you have enthusiasm.” I agree.

I totally believe that enthusiasm is one of the most powerful engines for success. For me enthusiasm means that I know myself too. That I’m honest for myself and do what my heart says. You can’t force yourself to get inspired… You can help it but something is still missing if you try to force inspiration. I always recommend people to follow their passion if they have one. It’s a gift. And we can learn our passion if we listen to our heart.

One thing that I like about myself is that I can be so so enthusiastic. And if I have passion for something, nothing is going to stop me. But there is another side.. I really need some passion for my happiness. If I lose my enthusiasm I feel like I lose a part of myself too. Because I get my energy from expressing myself the way I love.

I have written that there have been times when I haven’t known what is my next step, my goal, my dream? Where would I put my interest and creativity? Nothing inspired me enough…

But then it just comes in your mind! Everything clicks together. And I love it, I love when I have a vision that makes me jump up from my bed in the morning. I’m so grateful that now I have my own mission… Have you ever felt this way? 🙂

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